Why Keyframe

Keyframe Communications

Ironically, this is more about you than us. After all, it’s about what we can do for you.

We could go on about our staff and elaborate about their expertise in video production, television commercials, marketing, graphic design, website development, strategy, communications, art direction and copywriting. And how we can do it all with less expense, quicker (after all, this is all streamlined under one roof) and on budget.

But talk is cheap and we’d rather prove it to you.

Thanks to current projects and past lives, the quality of our production, writing and art direction are second to none. That’s proven not only through our experience on such high level accounts as Labatt’s, Kawasaki, Nissan, Royal Bank and 3M, but also the level on which all our work — large or small — is done.

While it helps to know we have successfully worked with the big names, ultimately it’s not about dropping names. Our creative side is about quality, product-focused solutions and results. Speaking of results, while awards are at the bottom of our list of priorities, our work has garnered literally hundreds of awards, both national and international.

Above everything, Keyframe Communications prides itself on a customer-centred approach to help turn your vision into concrete and successful realities.

After all, what else matters?

What They Say

"I would gladly and whole-heartedly recommend Keyframe for future projects."

− Lori Pella @ Ontario 2010 Olympic Secretariat at Ministry of Tourism

"Bryan is an extremely creative and gifted producer, it is a pleasure to work with him."

− Maria Piacente @ Lord Cultural Resources

"I highly recommend Bryan and his work!"

− Jacqueline Baptist @ Venture Communications

"Keyframe Communications is an exemplary company in every respect."

− Gail Steffensen @ The Great West Life Assurance Company

"Outstanding value and A-level quality at every step."

− Eli Paper @ Integrated Media Solutions Inc